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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A radio mod from Ad

Some time ago Ad from the Netherlands asked me for the schematics and some other info to develop a solution for his MPG-3 player. With the spring, when he found his car under the snow, he completed his project and here is the document he sent me:

Is a great project, it combines and greatly expands some ideas from Seth and some from me. Ad also agreed to let me post here his e-mail, "a DOT schrijver AT onsnet DOT nu"

Ad says nice thinks about the electronics I'm using to handle the logic; to give credit where credit is due the fundamental design for that building block, as I mentioned before, is from my good friend SQ.


  • At 25 November, 2007 13:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Congratulations.This is great post,
    In logic and pre-amplifier circuits I missing some values. Could you tell me which are the values: "mosfet" and R100, C100?

    Thank you.


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