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Thursday, February 03, 2005

test OK-2 !

ok, then i assembled the circuit on a proto-board and connected it to the car. no smoke, no sparks, it worked perfect!

here is a picture of the connections:

and a close up of the circuit:

the next task is to design the PCB (printed circuit boards) I was thinking originally in just wire it point to point in a generic PCB, but i want it to fit inside the phone holder i got from saab and also the PCBs will make it easier if i want to build a second unit or someone is interested in building one. I may sell the PCBs or even a kit.

here is a picture of the phone holder:

the schematic was created using free software from a company called express pcb. The software works great, and i will create the PCB layout using their software too. They give away the software so you can order PCBs from them. A similar economic model that the one used by front panel express, they give away good CAD software to make it easy for you to get a quote and order from them. I have not used expresspcb yet but have excellent references. I have used front panel express and is difficult to imagine better results.


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