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a place to document my current project of connecting an iPod to a Saab 9-3 convertible with the factory audio system.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

it works!

this is awesome!

this works great, sound quality is perfect, looks nice, works fine. sorry i'm leaving, i'm heading now to go across dumbarton bridge with the top off. Details tomorrow... now is my time to enjoy... Setting up some play lists in iTunes... i want to listen the project:pimento version of "peter gun" while driving over the bridge. I will load also "carmina Burana" to test the dynamic range :-)

some eye candy for now... note the "TELEPHONE" in the display while the iPod is playing.

i have 3 more PCBs. This is not an easy modification, but it is very doable. Give me some input, should i turn this into a kit? I do not have the time/inclination to install this on YOUR car buy i can crank instructions detailed enough for a good car hobbyist/car stereo installer to do it. FEEDBACK is APPRECIATED, please e-mail me.


  • At 14 February, 2005 12:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i want one!

  • At 14 February, 2005 14:13, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thinking of doing this - i have almost the same car. I already have a nokia handsfree kit fitted and using the same connections. Guess I wont be able to have both though.

  • At 14 February, 2005 14:26, Blogger gatoAlfa said…

    the onStar uses the cell phone connection, then YES you can have both. That is why i created the circuit for. If the iPod is working the phone will override the iPod and put the audio of the phone until you are done!

  • At 19 July, 2005 19:52, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes! make it a kit!


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