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Monday, January 17, 2005

the actual interface

with almost all the information, it is now time to start designing the electronics to interface to the radio, or head-unit.

Goals (revised):
* iPod wired interface to the factory radio
* no modifications to the iPod
* as few, and as reversible as possible, modifications to the car
* radio input switching to the iPod when the iPod is active
* onStar phone still usable
* charging the iPod battery

with this very preliminary goals, turned into specifications, my friend SQ designed a circuit that will implement the following logic: (this is the logic, actual voltage levels will be handled by the circuit)

onStar activeiPod activeradio TEL-MUTEradio input Lradio input R
101onStar audioonStar audio
011iPod audio LiPod audio R
111onStar audioonStar audio

and here is the preliminary circuit. I still need to figure how to detect the iPod presence. This circuit assumes that the iPod announces itself with a +12V signal, i need to research this to adjust the resistors on the circuit for the actual voltage.


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