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Sunday, January 16, 2005

test OK!

today i soldered some cable to what i think is the pre-amplifier input and it worked!!!

it was great to listen to my iPod on the factory radio.

Next:Turn this into a working system.

I consider that all the research needed is done. Next will be:

* install an stereo input jack on the car radio. I think i will use a 1/8 headphone type. Probably a with a de-coupling capacitor for each (L & R) signal.

* a circuit with some logic to feed the iPod or on-star signal to the radio. I want to be able to use the on-star eventually. After talking on the phone with my good friend SQ we have a tentative design!


  • At 16 January, 2005 13:07, Blogger Bill Erickson said…

    man, that's a really creative install. One suggestion I have is to use either an iPod dock or a car charger with a line-out, so you get line-out sound rather than using the headphone jack. I personally prefer the dock (that's what I have in my car) because you can easily slide the ipod in and out without plugging anything in.

    I also have a website about installing ipods in cars: . Once you get this all up and running, do you think you could write a quick step-by-step guide for others to duplicate your install? This install would make a great addition to our site and would help anyone else who has a similar car or OnStar.

  • At 17 January, 2005 11:54, Blogger gatoAlfa said…

    Bill thanks you for the suggestion. I'm looking now for the right connector, one that provides line-out, powers the iPod and generates a signal, i.e. 5V, to detect that the iPod is docket so i can switch the head unit.

    Once i have all figured out and tested, yes! i will do an step-by-step document.

    Some electronic will be required to do this and i may create a kit for people not inclined to do that part.

    You have interesting information on your web site; i will be reading it to get more ideas.

    Thanks again,



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