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Friday, January 14, 2005

iPod <-> car blues

i bought an iPod a few weeks ago, and i have enjoyed it, so much that now i want to hook it up to the sound system on my car.

I did not want to go the FM-modulator way, and searching on the WEB i could not find any reasonable solution for my car. I have an Saab 9-3 2001 convertible with the factory sound system. I purchased the car, used, a few months ago and other than that nuisance it is a great car.

For my needs the sound system is adequate, i'm not interested in replacing it. The limitation is that it does not have a "line" input, i think newer models have it.

Today on my way home, with the idea of connecting the iPod still running as a background process in my mind, I decided to play with the, for me useless, on-star system that comes factory installed on some of the GM cars.

When i pressed the little blue button and then i heard the "Ready" prompt on the speakers of the radio i had an incredible "ahaaa" moment... can i use this input to feed the audio from my iPod?


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