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Friday, January 14, 2005

on-star can help me!

after reading the car manual, i decided i will try to use the on-star input as the input for my iPod.

The main goal is to have a convenient way to play music from the iPod using the existing audio system. To achieve this i also have some set of limitations mostly regarding how much i'm going to alter the car for this. On one end of the scale a nice iPod dock on this car may increase the enjoyment and even the resale value of the car, but also a fried expensive component can be a real drag.

* iPod docking system, if possible controlled with the steering wheel controls
* as few changes as possible on the car. If possible changes should be reversible
* a short term project... no intention to reverse engineer complicated protocols

When pressing the blue on-star button the SID displays shows "TELEPHONE", the audio does not sound very well, but I think is an on-star problem and not a radio problem (i hope!). Nice: the radio does not need to be on, this can be nice it the iPod can work with this input.
Sound come from all the speakers, i do not think the on-star has an stereo output, I hope the input on the radio has an L and R channel!


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